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G Fuel – Review


Anyone who goes to school, work and even hitting the gym we usually drink a pick-me-up like coffee and even energy drinks. However, most of us get that crash that makes us feel all nasty on the inside due to the excessive sugar in energy drinks nowadays. Now you’re wondering, “Is this related to video…

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Star Wars: Force Arena – Mobile Review


When I first heard about Force Arena my obvious first reaction to it was, “Yes, Star Wars!” and, “Yes! Competitive MOBA WITH Star Wars? Count me in.” But until reality sets in and realize what Disney has been doing for mobile game properties such as Marvel and Disney my optimism grew short. Cut back to…

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Brief Karate Foolish – Quick Review


No matter how ugly a game looked back in the 90’s, we always had a weird relationship with FMV-integrated games. A certain charm to it gave us a lasting impression on what kind of cinematic gameplay video game developers were willing to try. Years later and their failed attempt, we all tried to forget about…

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