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MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer – N7 Day


This trailer didn’t reveal much however it does show more footage on this upcoming Mass Effect game. And my golly, this game looks gorgeous. The stories synopsis does reveal that you’re part of a ship exploring uncharted territories and eventually finding a new home for your crew. Of course, How could you tell a good story…

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There’s a Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 Mod where you can play as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


So modding of Tenkaichi 3 is a thing I guess? I was surprised upon hearing about this hilariously funny mod with playable characters straight from the Presidential Candidacy. It shows an accurate model portrayal of both Trump and Hillary in the most hilariously epic planet-exploding battles as Super Saiyan God form of Goku (Which I…

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Kamio Recoil: a zero-gravity exploration shooter


Who would ever thought that using the weapons recoil to navigate a level would be so.. Interesting? Kamio Recoil is a zero-gravity exploration shooter. Every time you use your arsenal of weapons it will propel you towards a direction. And this is the only way of navigating through the entire game. This concept ultimately makes…

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EDITMODE: A really awesome Nintendo clothing line in Japan you should check out


Nowadays, when you go to your local video game store or even your closest Hot Topic store, there will always be Nintendo clothes available for all retro fans everywhere. For some, the designs can be a little “loud” and over-designed and almost looks well, over-the-top. What happens if you’re older, and wanted a more sophisticated…

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Butcher – Quick Review


Ever wanted to know what Doom would be like in a 2D-Sidescrolling action indie game? Well, look no further because Butcher is literally that. The story is simplistic as it is bloody. You’re a cyborg that’s out to kill any human existence on an abandoned space station. The game’s easiest difficulty settings is hard, and…

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Blue Revolver – Quick Review


Yes, it’s another shmup game, but in my opinion they just keep getting better. Blue Revolver is one of those hot new releases that just screams “please play me!” With it’s stunningly gorgeous art and fantastic soundtrack there was no way I could refuse. When starting the game you’re able to choose 2 different spaceships,…

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