EDITMODE: A really awesome Nintendo clothing line in Japan you should check out



Nowadays, when you go to your local video game store or even your closest Hot Topic store, there will always be Nintendo clothes available for all retro fans everywhere. For some, the designs can be a little “loud” and over-designed and almost looks well, over-the-top. What happens if you’re older, and wanted a more sophisticated type of approach to video game apparel while keeping the subtle nod to Nintendo classics?


EDITMODE, a Japan-based company who specializes in Nintendo clothes under their apparel line called King of Games that make awesome Nintendo clothes has made their main mission to bring awesome Nintendo clothing with it’s nice small delicate approach while keeping it all classy.

04091736_55263a1c656b5Based in Kyoto, 3 individuals started their clothing line in 2002 under the name King of Games. Their first line was a 20th Anniversary Mario line that honored the Nintendo classic respectfully. And ever since, they’ve hand-crafted each piece of clothing that stretched throughout Nintendo history. That goes to obvious choices such as Legend of Zelda, Excitebike, Donkey Kong and many others.

K.O.G. T-shirts feature:

-100% combed-cotton for exceptional comfort
-double-stitched hems and top-stitched neck for long-lasting durability.
-high quality prints resistant to fading/cracking (with proper washing/drying).
-custom made, non-itch tags

For pricing? It’s going to cost a bit much considering it’s going to be handmade and being shipped out of Japan. I’ve seen shirts go up to 60 U.S. dollars up to their button-up shirts and hoodies for about roughly 140 dollars. You’re limited to only 12 items per order.

Be wary though, some of their clothing line can be a limited run offer so make sure you check the website frequently if you’re serious about ordering their clothes.

If you want to read more about EDITMODE check out their About section here.

Check out their entire collection at EDITMODE’s Official Website



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