Kamio Recoil: a zero-gravity exploration shooter


“In the year 20XX, an army of yokai equipped with the latest technology and weaponry attack the human populace and spread chaos across every corner of the globe! To fight against the mechanized monsters, a squadron of 5 girls with special powers have been assembled.”

Who would ever thought that using the weapons recoil to navigate a level would be so.. Interesting? Kamio Recoil is a zero-gravity exploration shooter. Every time you use your arsenal of weapons it will propel you towards a direction. And this is the only way of navigating through the entire game. This concept ultimately makes this game very challenging.

kamio-recoil-gif-1The games interesting mechanics offers up a very unique take on shmup action. You must take advantage of the 5 girls with their unique weapons (called Spirit Arms) and sub-abilities. For instance, one of the girls has a flamethrower which is perfect for shortbursts and burning stuff. While there’s another girl who shoots out big missiles. Ultimately, using these 5 girls during the right moment will be important in finishing a level and finally the boss. The Spirit Arm weapons do have ammo so having to manage each girls Spirit Arm weapons is also something to consider.


Japanese Developers Shindenken has had an incredible history of Japanese indie games that they have developed in the past with unique titles that have yet to see state-side. With their unique take on shmup games this could really be the next refresher for retro shooting games. Interested? Publisher Hanaji games who recently ported a very well known shmup game Mecha Ritz in the shmup community was a huge success and they need your help in localizing their upcoming game on Steam’s Greenlight.

Kamio Recoil on Steam’s Greenlight

Developer Shindenken’s Official website

Publisher Hanaji Games Official Website 

Hanaji Games Kamio Recoil Page

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