Star Ocean: Anamnesis – A fancy JRPG mobile app



If you’re still bummed out about the latest Star Ocean game (like I am) maybe there’s some Star Ocean-y help on the way.¬†Star Ocean: Anamnesis is a JRPG mobile game (with fancy ass graphics .. for a mobile game) that’s coming out this year in Japan. Not sure when us in the states will see it. Hoping early next year?

It’s an action RPG and it looks pretty good.


What do you think?

Will this game A. crash your phone B. be a better game then Integrity and Faithlessness or C. be forgotten about shortly after it comes out .. or?

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1 comment for “Star Ocean: Anamnesis – A fancy JRPG mobile app

  1. Profile photo of Nick
    October 24, 2016 at 7:12 am

    I seriously need to upgrade my phone ASAP. I’m tired of using Android phones.. I might get the newest one or try out an Apple phone for once. My current phone would def not be able to run this. Looks great btw.

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