The history of Virtual Reality – Episode 129



Evie Powell joins me to discuss the history of Virtual Reality, and as a bonus I explain why I hate The Walking Dead. Then we close with some light ASMR.

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Pioneers of Virtual Reality List on Polygon

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1 comment for “The history of Virtual Reality – Episode 129

  1. Michael Warfield
    November 2, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    Hey Carlos, good episode & great guest. Your segment triggered a memory of mine where I use to go to the Pacific Science Center w/ my parents during my childhood in Seattle. There is this techie sort of exhibit that I was always fond of that I believe still exists, and they had this VR experience where you get to the top of this building & fly off of it with a hand glider. They even had this sort of video augmented interactive game where you are put in the game, and you shoot balls into a basketball hoop. Really neat stuff for the time, not sure if they’re still apart of the exhibit, but the Science Center is still a pretty cool place to check out. Hope your doing well, we still need to go to the Pinball Museum, and I’d like to meet Brad if I could. Keep up the good work with this awesome content.


    Michael Warfield

    P.S. Podcast Beyond! is now my go to podcast like you said it was for you.

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