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“Mae is a rabbit-eared genius programmer, able to manipulate reality with a few keystrokes or – the more fun option – blow up large swathes of reality in one of her custom-built Devices. However, genius is never understood in its own time, and she’s provoked a severe response from the environmental group “Blue Revolver”.”

Yes, it’s another shmup game, but in my opinion they just keep getting better. Blue Revolver is one of those hot new releases that just screams “please play me!” With it’s stunningly gorgeous art and fantastic soundtrack there was no way I could refuse.

When starting the game you’re able to choose 2 different spaceships, and you can choose which weapons to equip on your spaceships. The game spans 5 extremely hard levels. And much like Mecha Ritz the gameplay adjusts according to your play style .. so it’ll keep you on your toes.

Your controls consist of your regular shoot button, special attack, and your bomb button. Using your special attack uses your energy bar (not your life) and will give you extra points when you destroy enemies with it. A good strategy is to just regularly shoot enemies down and collect energy canisters to refill your special attack energy bar. Rinse and repeat and reap the high scores.

There’s also a mission mode where¬†you can play each section of each level to test your skills. Survival and and score attack give yourself a nice challenge, and prepare you for later levels.

As an added bonus, while you’re playing the game you’ll unlock gallery art, remix tracks, and other stuff.

Overall: An Indie shmup game with fantastic visuals and a great soundtrack. The story isn’t the strongest, but the level designs are unique and really challenging. I highly recommend the purchase.

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