Book of Demons – Quick Review


“Slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral and save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself.”

I never knew something as bland as paper would make a game look really pleasing. Paper Mario did it well, but this game really gave it a lush origami feel to it with it’s cute charm within a very dark world.

Book of Demons is a deck-building dungeon-crawling game with roguelite elements that takes place within a game world called the Paperverse. And it’s the first installment out of the next 6 incoming games.

You start off with a warrior character, but eventually you’ll unlock rogue and mage class later on. Then you’ll eventually delve below the old cathedral which lies the archdemon, the one who has casted the army of darkness upon the world and it’s up to you to destroy him and eventually save the world.

Along the way you’ll discover various cards and each one will have buffing effects that will greatly enhance the character. Interesting thing about this game is how flexible the difficulty level can be. You can adjust the dungeons for 5 minute intervals to something a lot more if you really want an authentic dungeon-crawling experience.

Once you destroy your hordes of monsters, looting every chest, collecting coins and ultimately the final boss on that floor, you can always go back to town where you can refill on health potions, enhance cards, and communicate with the locals to learn about the interesting lore.

So the overall look of the game is top-notch, as well as the atmospheric music. It just looks absolutely gorgeous for having paper graphics. The blend of the deck-building, RPG, and Roguelite elements worked wonders. However, my only complaint it is a bit on the easy side. But loads of fun regardless.

The devleopers behind the Book of Demons offered me a free copy for the purpose of reviewing this game. Thank you.

Quick Rundown: A cute yet dark game where it holds an interesting Origami-like graphics that’s reminiscent to Paper Mario. A casual game blended with deck-building and dungeon-crawling elements. The generous modes where you can edit the time and difficulty of the game makes it work wonders for people with a busy lifestyle. Overall, it’s a bit easy but with the interesting atmosphere with paper-like graphics I’d give the demo a try on Steam.

Book of Demons on Steam

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