Brief Karate Foolish – Quick Review



No matter how ugly a game looked back in the 90’s, we always had a weird relationship with FMV-integrated games. A certain charm to it gave us a lasting impression on what kind of cinematic gameplay video game developers were willing to try. Years later and their failed attempt, we all tried to forget about it, but some of us would like to see a revitalization in a way.

These Japanese Indie developers took something that failed, and took some gameplay elements from Street Fighter, and a dash of humor (probably moreso here) and blended it and you got yourself a hilarious motion-capture Mortal-Kombat esque fighting game called Brief Karate Foolish.

It may remind you a bit on Mortal Kombat in terms of the graphics, but it felt more like a Street Fighter than anything. You can select up to 9 fighters and you have arcade and local multiplayer. What you’d expect in a generic fighter is what you’d expect.

I think the story is absolutely hilarious. It’s about a bunch of Brief-wearing Japanese fighters who seek out the most POWERFUL Briefs of all time, and it happens to be a black brief. I mean, that’s it to the story. But I kept laughing the more I see these Japanese dudes throwing punches and kicks and seeing the cheap animation.

Overall: A silly homage to the FMV motion-capture games of the 90’s. Within the gameplay lies the classic 2D fighting that was prevalent during the yesteryears of fighting games. With it’s hilarious story about briefs and the cheap yet humorous animations, this one would be a worthy time to play. Even better with your friends. And it’s also free.

Get Brief Karate Foolish on Steam now for free

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