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“Decknight is a roguelite that blends the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books with turn-based rpg combat and randomly shuffled cards that contain different encounters.”

RPG’s and cards have always been a great mixture. It’s the peanut butter and jelly of anything gaming related. Decknight is one of those simple elegant games that’s very easy on the eyes and the game and pulled it off quite well.

First of all, I love the design, it looks a little amateurish but I actually like the simple look to it. I have a thing for procedurally generated content and knowing a new fresh adventure awaits me. On top of this, I think the entire “choose your own adventure” type gameplay is always fun. I am always awaiting in excitement on what my little hero will do next.

I’m quite surprised it’s in early access on the Google Play market it felt like a full game at the moment. And the best of all, it’s free. Only thing is you’ll see an ad pop up every now and then but it doesn’t really affect the game much.

Overall, I like the variety of content, and the various cards to keep it fresh, and an interesting risk and reward system going on. It’s light in action, packed with a bunch of interesting Roguelite content to keep you busy when you’re in the Doctor’s office or taking a 15-minute break.

The only negative is that I would like to see more content for the Roguelite aspects of it and more story plot to play around with, if the developer does add more content I would be willing to shell out cash for this. Maybe sharpen up the graphics a bit? I found nothing wrong with it that would hinder my gaming experience.

Free, get it and good. 8/10

Decknight on Google Play


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