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Anyone who goes to school, work and even hitting the gym we usually drink a pick-me-up like coffee and even energy drinks. However, most of us get that crash that makes us feel all nasty on the inside due to the excessive sugar in energy drinks nowadays.

Now you’re wondering, “Is this related to video games?” And the answer is yes.

G Fuel, is a new form of energy drink which is a powdery dietary supplement while mixed in with 12 – 16 oz of water will give you a sugar-free no crash energy boost that will keep you focused while you’re gaming.

You can buy G Fuel in various forms. One is the most common one, buying it by the tub (which carries about 40 servings per scoop per drink) and buy them also in stick form for your water bottle needs. You can stir it or use a shaker cup to mix it, however I recommend it in a shaker form because since this does have a focus and energy blend you really need to break it down.

There’s about 17 flavors and I find that impressive, enough to keep your taste buds interested.

They had a sale where you buy one tub, get one tub free so I picked up Fazeberry and Fruit Punch (who wouldn’t like fruit punch?!)


Now, listed above is the Supplement Facts. Energy Complex has the usually staple of what energy drinks carry. Which has the total amount of 150mg of Caffiene which is quite typical for an energy drink.

Now, this is what makes the drink interesting for studying and for gaming. The Focus Complex carries ingredients where it apparently helps you focus better.

And last but not least we have Antioxidant Complex, which gives you your Antioxidant needs.

Now, does this stuff help you focus better with this blend in mind? As a person that has been diagnosed with child and adult ADHD and I have taken medication to prevent it, I can say it helped a little bit, all while being aware of my own possible placebo effects. It helped me calm myself a bit and was able to stay focused on most tasks.

The thing is, I’m also diabetic with the no-sugar ingredients It felt so much more guilt free. And buying by the tub is so much more cheaper than buying it by the cans. With it’s assortment amount of flavors and with it’s interesting Focus Complex blend to get you  to stay more focused I really enjoyed the flavor.

Ultimately, Fazeberry is based off an eSports team and the concoction had a blend of pomegranate, strawberry, and blueberries which are all my favorite fruits to snack on, and being a mixed drink this was super tasty and enjoyed the flavor over all. Recommended.

Fruit Punch is your typical fruit punch mix which was also very good. Reminded me more a bit on Hawaiian Punch.

I don’t think it’s going to turn you into some eSports star that’ll give your KDA a run for it’s money, but anyone who drinks energy drinks on the side while studying and playing games it’ll do the same job as drinking your cup of coffee, with it’s added Focus Complex mix it honestly did the job. I recommend it.

Gfuel’s Official Website

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