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“Jelly Saga Deluxe is the latest and coolest match three crush game for your smartphone. Swap three or more jellies to win and advance to the next level. Explore this challenging jelly world and win spectacular prizes!”

You know, I’m so glad that there’s FINALLY a game that’s about jelly and not about candy.

Jelly Saga Deluxe is a free casual puzzle game that’s for mobile devices and plays very similar to the very successful Candy Crush Saga. The first impression I had with the game is that it’s very much a generic version of that. Does it make it bad? Certainly not. Is there an over-saturation of Candy Crush clones? Of course. The one thing I really want to see is at least differentiate it from the original, which at first glace failed in that department. I wish I saw something more original than candy.

However, the execution of a simple puzzle game, they achieved that which I was impressed with. The structure of the level design is simple you start off from level 1 and gets challenging onwards, while the developer claims that he will add levels on a consistent basis, which is a HUGE plus for me. Any type of developer involvement in making the game better is a very big plus for me and tells me that he’s serious in making this game even better. More free content 2 thumbs up.

For the IAP (In-App Purchase) you only purchase powerups. And yes, in-between levels are ad popups. You pay from one dollar and up to 15.

For a free interesting alternative to 3-match puzzle games, this one is generally free. Also, the game size is pretty small which is nice, about 70 mb.


-TONS of levels

-Consist of Jelly instead of candy, but there’s still candy.


-Developer is constantly adding new content


-Aesthetic wise looks too similar to Candy Crush




Jelly Saga Deluxe Edition


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