My Top Six Indie Games of 2016


Indie Games of 2016 has been absolutely awesome so far with so many unique titles being created from big teams to small teams all ranging in different art styles, music to interesting game mechanics. Out of the hundreds of games I’ve bought and received this year I really had to break it down as to why they were my favorite games this year and how it captured my heart. I will present to you the most enjoyable games of this year.

#6 Hieroglyphika


This game had a simple premise: It’s a Roguelike. The thing that really captured me is how the level design requires you to use your own judgement on reading on symbols and what it means. The equipments you had to try your best and figure out what they were. Also for enemies and level layouts it really felt like I was going deeper into a tomb and using my own personal experience with the game by observing as much as I can. Because of this, it made the game extremely immersive and challenging. Because of it’s awesome yet simple gameplay mechanics of a Roguelike I had to add this on my top six. Good job dev.

#5 Riff Racer


Racing + your own music generating the race tracks? A complete win for me. I threw in as much different types of music as I can towards it and It always blew my mind how it would go so well with the music uploaded. With in-game music you can race to and using any music tracks for this game the fun factor and replay value shot up the roof for me. Highly recommended.

#4 Clustertruck


Clustertruck was another weird yet innovative spin on running games. You’re literally hopping on from truck to truck on some of the most craziest tracks. You’ll equip different abilities and such to keep your runs unique for each run. But as silly as Clustertruck you’ll get an adrenaline rush on how freaking cool it is to hop in mid-air and dash to truck to truck while avoiding a bunch of crazy obstacles.

#3 VA-11 HALL-A


For me, I’m not much of a visual novel enthusiast. However, I love drinking and Cyberpunk (and waifus). Since most VN’s don’t require much skill since most is story-driven, I was a bit on the fence on this game. A few hours in, I was hooked with the story, characters and the simple yet fun mixing mechanics of making specific drinks to your guests. All the characters were so unique and started to grow on you. The entire package was simple and cozy with loveable characters. Even if you’re not a hueg VN fan I’d give this one a shot as it’s highly playable for making drinks.

#2 NeuroVoider


Surprisingly, twin-stick shooting Roguelite games haven’t become stale yet. Because I am a huge fan of these types of games and It’s so fun trying to push the limits of your shooting abilities. NeuroVoider is that very same game however you’re just a procedurally generated brain.. And you create yourself as a robot in various classes and weapons. And the loot, my goly gee. I enjoy collecting them and sorting them out to see what I can do. The pixels are as crisp as ever and I’ve enjoyed it so far. If you can, I’d advise you picking this one up.

And the grand finale is here..

The best game of 2016 is going out to..

#1 The Curious Expedition


This game has been in early access before 2016 but it finally got it’s 1.0 release this year and for the longest time, this game just grabbed my heart the right ways possible. You literally have historical figures thrown in this fictionalized world, with their own abilities and they’re on an Indiana Jones-like expedition looking for loot and fame. Gameplay has a bit of a board game like thing going on, but it plays primarily like a Roguelike RPG. Each playthrough always felt unique and fresh to me while maintaining a grasp of adventure. This game is simply superb and is always lovely. Because of this, I declare this game to be the best of 2016 and rightfully so.

So there you have it, my top six Indie games of 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of other games that deserved the spotlight as best games of 2016. So I’ll go ahead and give out honorable mentions in no great order, just throwing them out there since I thought they were decent fun.

Honorable Mentions of good Indie Games of 2016:


Devil Daggers

Blue Revolver





Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo




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