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Sometimes when we’re busy and want to unwind after a very hectic¬†day, it’s nice to crack open a nice relaxing RPG game. Runestone Keeper is one of those Indie Roguelike RPG games that offer that experience in a very casual format.

A lot of people have compared it to something to an RPG Minesweeper, which isn’t very far from the truth. You click on each undiscovered box, and whatever is revealed will either have events, weapons and some cute looking monsters. As any RPG game, you gain levels, find loot and advance forward.

The lore is generic at best, and the high RNG based gameplay will have others seem to be an unfair game sometimes. Personally, when I’m in the right mood, RNG based gameplay can be exciting, while sometimes it’s complete bullshit, which you’ll run into quite often.

The graphics is what you’d expect from an indie developer. I like the simplicity of it without over-designing this game and matched the gameplay well for what it has to offer. On top of that, the music is really good, and is very soothing and relaxing to play on the side while browsing the internet.

Overall, for a casual Indie Roguelike game, it was a nice game to play on the side. The RNG-based gameplay is the only depth I can think of. I would only recommend this for a sale or if you have an iPhone you can buy the mobile port which I would rather play on.

Overall: Generic and casual Roguelike RPG game that’s easy to sink into for anyone with a busy schedule. The lore is isn’t that deep but the RNG-based gameplay kept things interesting for a bit. Recommend it on a sale.¬†

Runestone Keeper on the App Store

Runestone Keeper at GOG

Runestone Keeper on Steam

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