Star Wars: Force Arena – Mobile Review


Star Wars: Force Arena is a hybrid between a MOBA game and the basic mechanics of Clash Royale.

When I first heard about Force Arena my obvious first reaction to it was, “Yes, Star Wars!” and, “Yes! Competitive MOBA WITH Star Wars? Count me in.”

But until reality sets in and realize what Disney has been doing for mobile game properties such as Marvel and Disney my optimism grew short.

Cut back to it finally releasing, my gut feeling was true.

To give you a quick rundown you have 1v1, 2v2, and guild 2v2 and a convenient training mode to test out your new deck builds. Once you start playing, you have a deck of cards that summon various units. You randomly draw 4 at a time and you have an energy bar.

The more you have the more cards you can summon. You have lanes, and you just pick which one would be the most logical choice.

Once you win or lose, you’re brought into tiers. The higher it is, the more challenging your PvP opponents will be.

And yes, you get rewards for winning and climbing the leaderboards but oh–wait! YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE BOOSTER PACKSĀ TO OPEN!

You have to wait, and sometimes the more worthy the booster pack cards you collect, the longer it took for you to open it. So good luck opening a nice booster for several hours.

And yes, this type of stuff is very typical for a mobile game and with Netmarble behind this game it’s no doubt there’s a pay-to-progression that’s obviously unfair.

In my personal opinion this form is another pay-to-win and I get turned off by that.

If you’re looking for a fun, free and fair MOBA game check out Vainglory it’s one of the only decent popular games on the mobile market that doesn’t slow down your progression or drain out your wallet to win.

I can literally go to the IAP section of Star Wars the Force Arena, I can throw down 100 or 200 down. I guarantee you without skill, I can just buy packs upon packs, make a few decks and boom, I’ll spam my units down like a mofo and win.

I also forgot to mention the Upgrade system is piss poor. If you get the same card, you just fuse them together. Again, you buy more packs, more same cards + upgrade = win.

And the movement, my god it is so clunky. And there’s cooldown for running. I felt like moving was rarely responsive it was that bad.

Overall, this game is shit. I don’t even want to bother playing this. Especially when there’s a bunch of fanboys groping this game because of the Star Wars license.

Want a Star Wars experience? Just play some of the pre-Disney games that didn’t charge you a dime to proceed.

OVERALL: Star Wars licensed MOBA Mobile game with Clash Royale. Pay-to-win progression system is unfair and charge you too much for cards. Horrible movement system with the bullshit waiting system for booster packs to open. This game is there to milk fanboys. Stay away at all costs.




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