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Halcyon Fold. One of the only maps you’ll play on. But with the right champs, item builds, and ultimately team work this will be the only battlefield you’ll need to play on.

Have you ever been a struggling gamer who tried to get into a MOBA but was so intimidated by all the gaming mechanics and said, “fuck it, I’m onto something else.”? Or, are you a diehard MOBA fan who would like to have a MOBA game on-the-go while sustaining all the depth and complexity of a basic MOBA game like League of Legends?

Well, then. This game has it’s ups and downs on delivering a MOBA experience while keeping everything on it’s own merit and being unique at the same time.

Comparing to League of Legends, Vainglory only has one lane, and one Jungle underneath it. Instead of 5 champs on each team, you have 3. Instead of 3 lanes you got only 1. And you only got 3 abilities instead of 4.

With that being said, the levels have shrunk and at first, I thought this was “dumbing down” a typical MOBA experience. Keep in mind, this is a mobile game. But the developers were still able to make the mechanics easy to learn, yet hard to master to make up with the smaller level design.

As basic as the levels are, you still have champs with various abilities and weaknesses you still have to keep an eye on. Also, there’s items and equipment to enhance one champions abilities and depending on the build, can work in various situational moments.

You may be asking, so what else makes it unique? There’s a huge comeback mechanic in 2 ways: After the first 5 minutes, Miners and a gold miner spawn in the jungle. The gold miner is a creature that, over time will mine gold. He has a set time where he takes all the gold and leaves. So it’s up to your team to kill him right before he leaves to make sure you can get all the gold you need. Once you’ve killed him off, reap the rewards and purchase the necessary items.

After the first 15 Minutes, you’ll see a large creature known as the Kraken, who’s basically one of the most powerful neutral monsters in the game. If you kill¬†him you capture the Kraken and this thing will destroy the opposing enemies turrets, and if your team isn’t strong enough to take down your Kraken, it’s game over.


The Kraken spawns after the first 15-minutes. Once your team kills him you’re able to capture it and he slowly approaches to kill the opposing teams turrets and eventually their crystal.

Back to Champions there’s over 25+ you can choose from, you got 3 different types. You got a Captain (Pretty much Support), Lane, (ADC, pushing lane, high attack, low offense) and you got your tanky Jungler player, (low attack, high defense, usually).

Now, being aware of these types of Champions, the biggest obstacle for most players is team synergy. In essence, it’s main skillset that’s required in order to be really good at this game is focusing on teamwork. Without teamwork, your team will be squashed like a bug. So pinging the map and sending signals to players (no chat) is upmost importance. To further strengthen this concept, there’s a very deep Guild mode where you can recruit players and set up messages and have required tier ranks in order to join which made it so much more interesting.

It is free-to-play. And you can pretty much gain all champions via in-game rewards. You can, however spend them with real money if that’s your thing. And no pay2win schemes anywhere here folks. The game rewards you for being a good player.

There is skins, and you cannot buy them with in-game reward points. You must use real money, which add nothing but cosmetic value.

Overall, it’s added value of NOT being a pay2win and able to earn all champs in-game by skill is definitely a big plus in my book. With it’s simplistic smaller map and keeping the depth of MOBA teamwork this game is definitely a high-priority must-have game for any mobile phone users.

And the developers are always hard at work updating the game while keeping the game active with it’s close-knit community¬†updates. It’s a game even for people who are not a huge fan of the MOBA genre should sink their teeth into.

And finally, this game has one of the biggest eSports scene in mobile device history. Across the globe, a global top-8 eSports Vainglory team called the Evil Eight, which are the best of the best. If your guild and team is good enough you might be able to battle them and even take their place as an Evil Eight member.


Vainglory on Google Play

Vainglory on the iOS App Store

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  1. April 20, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    It’s funny how MOBA gameplay in mobile platform at first but this game is so cool. Vainglory has cool graphics and fast gameplay although there’s a similar game like Mobile Legends which I think is more likely a League of Legends style.
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