Wanderer of Teandria – Quick Review


“For centuries wanderers were traversing space an time to collect different rare artifacts, destroying dangerous ones and keeping helpful ones. One day a young man found mystical necklace and followed call of destiny‚Ķ”

Yup, another indie platformer. And this one is in Early Access. You might start getting a gut feeling at this point knowing these 2 things. Well, you might be partially right.

Teandria is your typical Indie platformer. You got dozens of pre-constructed levels, each with varying difficulty, along the way you’ll get new powerups that will be accustomed to the next upcoming levels.

There will be traps, obstacles, and some platforming skills required to advance the level. You are also required to pick up all the scrolls in the level so that the teleporter appears. The boss fights, however are pretty unique and offer a nice pace of change to keep things interesting.

I must say though, the art doesn’t look that great. Music just bored me out way too much. And the hit collision system felt.. Wonky. It didn’t feel right when I edged near a spike and not having that feel on how far is too far or too close.

However, the level designs and the difficulty that pertains to it forgives the overall questionable art of the game as it got me hooked for several levels forward. Because of this, I believe Teandria is a good game, just needs plenty of work.

Overall: Generic Indie platformer that has some classic elements to it. The art, music and the iffy platforming hit collision detection felt a bit off. However, the biggest strength lies in the genuinely interesting level designs. I would wait until there’s more features and improved gameplay but the gameplay is solid.


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