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Brief Karate Foolish – Quick Review


No matter how ugly a game looked back in the 90’s, we always had a weird relationship with FMV-integrated games. A certain charm to it gave us a lasting impression on what kind of cinematic gameplay video game developers were willing to try. Years later and their failed attempt, we all tried to forget about…

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Kamio Recoil: a zero-gravity exploration shooter


Who would ever thought that using the weapons recoil to navigate a level would be so.. Interesting? Kamio Recoil is a zero-gravity exploration shooter. Every time you use your arsenal of weapons it will propel you towards a direction. And this is the only way of navigating through the entire game. This concept ultimately makes…

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Butcher – Quick Review


Ever wanted to know what Doom would be like in a 2D-Sidescrolling action indie game? Well, look no further because Butcher is literally that. The story is simplistic as it is bloody. You’re a cyborg that’s out to kill any human existence on an abandoned space station. The game’s easiest difficulty settings is hard, and…

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